Taco’s Truck’s Chicken Wings | “The League”

by Blake Stilwell

The regular NFL season is almost over, and most fantasy leagues now have their champion. For the uninitiated, fantasy football is a game where a group of people can gather (a league) and choose different real-life football players (to form teams) whose scores are based on specific stats the player acquires as he plays in a real NFL football game each week. Fantasy football season usually lasts right until the end of the regular NFL season, sometimes with a prize for the league winner.  This causes bizarre reactions from lifelong fans, who suddenly start praying for unusual and/or very specific situations to occur during games and start cheering for teams with which they formerly had no feelings about whatsoever.

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars

“Colin Kaepernick, I love you!”

The fantasy league on FXX’s “The League” would have a champion by now as well. Their 8-deep fantasy football league and how they allow it to affect their everyday lives is what the show is all about. Actually, getting overcome by NFL football season and becoming obsessed with Sundays and our fantasy leagues is what being an American is all about. The rise of fantasy football is the best thing to happen in football since Drew Brees led the Saints to a Super Bowl after Hurricane Katrina. The League is the best thing to happen to football since fantasy football.

Thank You.

Thank You.

While their season is over, the NFL football is far from finished. There are still a few rounds of playoffs and, of course, the Super Bowl to come. If your team is still in the game, you probably have a few parties (at least one?)  left to host. What would a football playoff party be without chicken wings?

There is always Tapenade.

There is always Tapenade.

This season on the show, Taco (Jonathan Lajoie), the underachieving stoner brother of Kevin MacArthur (Stephen Rannazzisi), started a food truck called Taco’s Truck, which served American food. Kevin, the good guy he is, probably ate there to support his brother but ended up with more than he (and his wife Jenny) bargained for, (as sitcom characters usually do).


So the recipe I decided to use for these delicious wings would be more spicy than average, but I wanted them to have an air of authenticity to them, because we at As Eaten don’t want to lead anyone astray, or toward darkness, unpopularity, or Steelers fandom. This recipe comes from a postcard I recently picked up while driving through Buffalo.


With one caveat: I don’t like bleu cheese. I’m a fan of ranch dressing with my wings, but as always, it’s okay to be a traditionalist. I also had to settle for actual chicken wings to make this recipe, considering the entire grocery store was completely sold out Buffalo Wings pieces. But that’s okay, any chicken will do. I have to say I was a little disappointed to find out the magic secret to the deliciousness of Buffalo wing sauce.

Hardly Magical.

Hardly Magical.

So, yeah, there’s not much to the famous buffalo wings except the fact that butter is an awesomely delicious secret ingredient… but it’s really an easy way to make anything delicious (pro tip) when you cram a stick of butter into it. The novelty is only that Buffalo thought of it first. Not to take anything away from Buffalo, of course.


That’s the Bills’ job.

My NFL team did make the playoff this year and I fully intend on using this recipe again, because despite not being impressed at WHY its delicious, the fact remains that it really is delicious. I think the only changes I would make to the recipe is to lightly bread the wing pieces before frying.

Always serve with celery, sometimes carrots and bleu cheese or ranch dressing. And wash your hands after eating.



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